The template for the layout for this blog

<!doctype html>
    %link{:href => "/stylesheets/compiled/blog.css", :rel => "stylesheet", :type => "text/css"}
      %link{:href => "/index.xml", :rel => "alternate", :title => "#{title} - feed", :type => "application/atom+xml"}
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      %meta(name="google-site-verification" content="E7Npt5MsLN18NcKvW7NaTLgVbeJKN7DhTscOnssFU9E")
      %link{:href => "/js/highlight/styles/zenburn.css", :rel => "stylesheet", :type => "text/css"}
      %link{:href => "", :rel => "me", :type => "text/html"}
      %script{:src => "/js/highlight/highlight.pack.js", :type => "text/javascript"}
      %title= title
            %a{:href => "/"}
              %img#wave{:src => "/img/wave.jpg"}/
              %span Brad Gone Surfing
          %h5 Contact Me 
            * [email](
            * [github](
            * [linkedin](
            * [xing](")
            * [twitter](

          %h5 Links
            * [wmii]( 

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Note the mixing and matching of pure haml for structural layout and markdown for content areas. The markdown generated lists are easily styled with a lump of Compass / SASS to have no bullets and have no indent.

@import "compass/utilities/lists/bullets"

#links > ul
  padding: 0px
    text-decoration: none